Sightseeing Circuits

Las Leñas Valley

At only 10 minutes from Los Molles Resort, you will find the best skiing slopes in South America. You can play this sport round the middle of spring since its base is 2.240 meters above sea level.
  • The top on 3.430 mt.
  • 17.500ha
  • 14 Means of elevation
  • 30 pistes

The Souls Well

It is an extraordinary place at only 5 minutes from de Resort. This unkown geological formation, known as “doline”, is made up of two big and deep surfaces of green water separated by a thin and delicate wall.
  • A 5min. de Los Molles
  • 200mts.de diameter
  • 20mts. depth
  • Depression 80sqm.

Charmed Girl Lake

It is an inspiring symbol for the popular culture of the zone. This beautiful lake is surrounded by volcanic lava remains, black basaltic rocks, a great variety of fish and countless rituals and legends.
  • 6km from Los Molles
  • For bridge Elcha
  • Horseback riding
  • Microclimate

Salt River

The Salado River, the largest tributary river Atuel, originates at the confluence of Lenas and Waste streams. The Salado river is a great fishing that tests good fishing techniques. Its waters are turbid in summer due to the thaw.
  • Rainbow trout
  • Average current
  • Land without difficulty
  • Rafting

Planetarium Malargüe


The complex is located in an area of four acres in extent. The work is a set of four buildings covering 1,600 square meters and are arranged in a matrix volumetrically radial design generation.
  • Interactive displays
  • Paleontology
  • Projection room
  • Malargüe - Mendoza

Malargüe Regional Museum

It has four rooms. Among the most prominent objects that can be seen inside fossil pieces of Jurassic sea snails, petrified logs and remains of an ichthyosaur, two mummies found in 1980.
  • Paleontology
  • Mineralogy
  • Archeology
  • History and Folklore